As a supplier to emergency aid projects, Connectra understands the responsibility of helping people in need.

We are experienced in all types of special deliveries to remote emergency areas worldwide. Our deliveries to emergency aid projects primarily consist of:

  • Communication equipment, ranging from VHF, UHF radios to HF systems;
  • Water and sanitation equipment;
  • Shelter;
  • Clothing adapted for the specific climate and region;
  • Relief parcels, ranging from Hygiene Parcels to Repatriation Kits to Family Parcels - all composed to meet your needs.

Fulfilling the specific need as quickly as possible is crucial in each project. We have the sharpest possible focus on every stage of the project to ensure correct, safe, and timely delivery.

You can remain confident that we are fully committed to assist you in any emergency situation with supplies, shipping, and logistical services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any request or inquiry you may have.

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